GLARE (GLBTQ Advocacy in Research and Education)

GLARE (GLBTQ Advocacy in Research and Education) is a group of faculty and staff in the School of Education at Brooklyn College which is committed to the well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, or gender nonconforming children and youth.  GLARE devotes itself to the preparation of the next generation of teachers and school professionals by conducting research on queer issues in schools and by developing affective, anti-oppressive pedagogical approaches for use in a variety of school settings.  In its eight-year history as a gay-straight organization, GLARE hosted numerous educational advocacy events on the Brooklyn College campus and elsewhere, including theatrical performances, guest speakers, film series and panel presentations. GLARE’s hope is that those affected by these efforts will turn-key their awareness and understanding of LGBTQ issues in ways that create safe schools and safe streets for all children and families.


Mission and History

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Our mailing address:
GLARE, School of Education
Brooklyn College
2900 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
(718) 951-5124

Committee Contacts:

Wayne A. Reed (Chair)
Flo Rubinson
Maria Scharron del Rio
Paul McCabe
Sonia Murrow

Other GLARE members include:  Harriet Bredhoff , Eliza Dragowski, Grace Elizalde-Utnick , Beth Ferholt , Herman Jiesamfoek, Barbara O’Neill, Scott Quasha, Laurie Rubel.